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Term Other Names Develops From... Develops Into... Germ Layer Origin
Adenohypophysis Rathke's pouch Invagination of epidermal ectoderm Anterior pituitary gland Ectoderm (epidermal)
Dorsal mesoderm Epimere, Somite Differentiation of mesoderm Bone, Muscle, Tendon Mesoderm
Dorsal root ganglia Spinal ganglia Neural crest migration N/A Ectoderm (neural crest)
Epiphysis N/A Evagination of forebrain Pineal gland Ectoderm (neural)
Foregut Sometimes called "Pharynx" Differentiation of gut tube Pharynx, Esophagus, Stomach, Eustachian tubes, Duodenum, Thyroid, Liver, Gall bladder, Pancreas, Lung, Trachea Endoderm
Hindgut N/A Differentiation of gut tube Colon, Rectum Endoderm
Infundibulum Neurohypophysis Evagination of floor of forebrain Posterior pituitary Ectoderm (neural)
Lens/ Lens placode N/A Reciprocally induced by optic cup Lens, Cornea Ectoderm (epidermal)
Nasal invagination N/A Invagination of epidermal ectoderm Nose Ectoderm (epidermal)
Mesencephalon Midbrain Differentiation of neural tube N/A Ectoderm (neural)
Middle mesoderm Mesomere, Intermediate mesoderm Differentiation of mesoderm Kidney, Gonad Mesoderm
Midgut— N/A Differentiation of gut tube Ileum, Jejunum Endoderm
Neural tube Often called "spinal cord" in later stages Neurulation Spinal cord Ectoderm (neural)
Optic vesicles N/A Evagination of forebrain Retina Ectoderm (neural)
Otic Vesicles N/A Invagination of epidermal ectoderm Inner ear (cochlea and semicircular canals) Ectoderm (epidermal)
Proctodeum N/A Invagination of epidermal ectoderm Anus Ectoderm (epidermal)
Prosencephalon Forebrain Differentiation of neural tube Telencephalon (more anterior) and Diencephalon Ectoderm (neural)
Rhombencephalon Hindbrain Differentiation of neural tube  Myelencephalon (more posterior) and Metencephalon Ectoderm (neural)
Stomodeum N/A Invagination of epidermal ectoderm Mouth Ectoderm (epidermal)
Ventral mesoderm Lateral plate mesoderm/ hypomere Differentiation of mesoderm Heart, Blood vessels Mesoderm